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Honoring Dads and Daughters -- Healthy Relationships Set the Stage for Success

Reputation Matters, Forbes, June 17, 2012

New research shows that men who have daughters are changing the business landscape for women. Regardless of how they felt before they had daughters, once they do, they are leading the way for men and organizations to acknowledge, encourage and reward women’s tremendous advances in the business and work worlds. [ more]

What Boards Must Know About Social Media

Davia Temin, The Corporate Board, May/June 2012

Someone posts a harsh item about your company on Twitter. The comment is picked up and amplified through other online venues, and the company's stock prices take a fall—all within hours. Today's world of social media is one where the most obscure person, company or product can overnight become a global trend, or a global villain. Is your board aware of the company's social media strategy? For that matter, are you as a director up to speed on the new social media world?

In this age of social media, companies of all kinds find themselves at the end of the "command and control" model of leadership. Top-down communications, including those from the C-suite and the boardroom, have lost their primacy.

Today, with blogs, v-logs, Twitter, Facebook, Pintrest and social media of all kinds, everyone has a voice. More to the point, anyone can move markets if his or her voice catches on with the public.

Employees have a voice—including the employee that management fired yesterday. Your "like'rs" have a voice; your dislikers have a voice too (including all of the "I hate xx company" websites, and Facebook-facilitated boycotts). Your competitors have a voice, your shareholders have a voice, and you, as board members, have a voice as well. However, amid the cacophony, it is now exponentially more difficult to make the messages you and your company wish to convey heard.

Especially for the board, knowing how to communicate in social media (and when it is or is not appropriate) is crucial. A board's workings are historically private and confidential, and a board tends to be heard from only when announcing a new CEO or in a serious corporate crisis.

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Show Aspiration, Not Arrogance, to Rebuild Bank Reputations

Davia Temin, American Banker, May 24, 2012

Most of us in the banking community are seeking – after the crash – to do the right thing: to rebuild trust, rebuild shareholder value, rebuild client loyalty, rebuild businesses, and rebuild lives. But as time goes on, and memories fade, perhaps we should keep on remembering that the job has not been finished, even as we are seduced by some renewed successes. "Never say what you are going to do, say what you are seeking to do." [ more]

The Dalai Lama Told Me So -- Words of Wisdom From the 2012 Templeton Prize Winner

Davia Temin, The Huffington Post, May 14, 2012

Davia relates the story of her meeting with the Dalai Lama, 2012 winner of the Templeton Prize. She shares five miracles from that day, and tells us that "…compassion for others and for oneself is the antidote – to despair, to stress, to cruelty, to evil. No matter what your religion, your spirituality, your point of view, that is a singular truth." [ more]

Little Lies; Big Lies - Yahoo! CEO Scott Thompson's Revisionist History

Reputation Matters, Forbes, May 7, 2012

"When the truth is found to be lies"…sang Grace Slick. But, she was talking about big lies, I think, not so much the tiny lies that almost everyone on the planet surrounds themselves with, as they write and rewrite their own stories. [ more]

Wall Street, Volatility, and Reputation

Davia Temin, Intangible Asset, May 4, 2012

Davia speaks about the importance of “intangible assets” such as trust and loyalty in brand building, specifically related to the financial crises and reputational crisis surrounding financial firms like Goldman Sachs.

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The 1400 Most Powerful Corporate Women in the World

Reputation Matters, Forbes, May 1, 2012

If you added up the market capitalization of all the corporate boards on which the 1400+ members of WomenCorporateDirectors sit, the number would be stunning. It would easily be in the trillions. [ more]

Announcing CEO Illness -- Best Practices from Buffett to Jobs

Reputation Matters, Forbes, April 18, 2012

Warren Buffett’s public announcement yesterday of his cancer diagnosis stands in stark comparison to the way Steve Jobs chose to announce his own condition. This article addresses a CEO’s responsibility to shareholders, employees, the board and other stakeholders when he or she falls ill. [ more]

Buffett Announces Cancer Diagnosis With Characteristic Courage and Class

Reputation Matters, Forbes, April 17, 2012

Yet again, Warren Buffett is leading the way for us all. He has acted quickly, thoroughly, and with consummate responsibility to his shareholders and investment partners in announcing his newly diagnosed prostate cancer. [ more]

Flipping Out In Public - From Jet Blue Pilot to Kony 2012 Producer, Stress Takes Its Toll

Reputation Matters, Forbes, March 28, 2012

We are living in stressful times. Perhaps it is because the recession has not abated the way we all thought it would. Or perhaps the ubiquity of social media has made the world’s ills seem just too up close and personal. Or perhaps the volume and tone of communications just gives us no respite. Regardless, the stress is taking its toll. [ more]

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