What Clients Are Saying

In our information-driven social media age, we know that truth — as well as lies — can circle the globe at the speed of light. Reputations can be honestly built through years of ethical behavior, insight and inspired leadership — but they can also be toppled unscrupulously in an instant, weaponized by bad actors seeking to inflict real harm on others.

Temin and Company is an ethically based, socially responsible management consulting firm dedicated to helping clients create, enhance and save their reputations while fighting the misinformation that is clogging our airwaves, and harming our society.

Dedicated to integrity, respect, diversity and excellence, we seek to add immense value to every engagement and every client. Here is what our clients are saying:

A million thanks

A million thanks … Your advice ended up being profoundly spot on.”

—Crisis Client dealing with an ongoing, entrenched issue

How you manage to be such fierce advocates for the truth

How you manage to be such fierce advocates for the truth, and against so much of the disinformation that is being weaponized today, while still maintaining your compassion and humanity, is astounding. But you do, and it works, especially in crisis. Thank you for all of your help…it has saved us.”

   —Crisis Client CEO