“A lie can travel halfway around the world while the truth is still putting on its shoes.” — Falsely attributed to Mark Twain, thus proving the point of the quote

Creating, Enhancing and Saving Reputations

Trusted advisors to leaders and their organizations, Temin and Company is a boutique management consultancy focused on reputation and crisis management; marketing and media strategy and implementation; marketing through ideas, information, expertise and intellectual capital; and leadership and communications coaching at the highest levels.

“A lie can travel halfway around the world while the truth is still putting on its shoes.” — Falsely attributed to Mark Twain, thus proving the point of the quote

We help to create, enhance, refine and save reputations for a wide variety of clients, from global corporations and their boards and CEOs to professional and financial services firms, governments, universities, not-for-profits and selected individuals.

We seek to add extraordinary value to our clients’ bottom lines; advance their business plans; further their missions; support their products and services; prepare for, address and recover from risk and crisis; raise their visibility; and strengthen their reputations.

Deeply grounded in research – and featuring a team of the smartest and most experienced multi-disciplinary professionals available – we seek to provide clients unequaled counsel, judgment, strategy, tactics, writing and real-time, tireless implementation.

Specifically, we help our clients:

reputations and trust; strategic visibility; strategic marketing plans and competitive analyses; positioning; and print, broadcast and social media presence for new and established companies, ventures and products.

the value, reputation and thought leadership of established professional and financial services firms, corporations, organizations, products and services – especially by leveraging the intellectual capital within those organizations to key audiences and media.

reputations through crisis and risk planning, preparation, role play, real-time crisis management, damage control and reputation restoration.

the external presence and internal efficacy of leaders through the highest-level, individually tailored leadership, communications, strategy, speech and media coaching.

Clients Comments »

  • How you manage to be such fierce advocates for the truth, and against so much of the disinformation that is being weaponized today, while still maintaining your compassion and humanity, is astounding. But you do, and it works, especially in crisis. Thank you for all of your help…it has saved us.”

    —Crisis Client CEO

  • It is truly refreshing to partner with true professionals who have the highest standards. In the world of the mediocre, it is really special to work with you.”

    —President, Corporate Crisis Client

  • Phenomenal job. You do everything right. Temin deserves huge credit for managing this to a benign outcome…kudos!”

    —Crisis Management Client

  • I hesitate to think what would have happened without you. It is a textbook case that should be taught in every grad school.”

    —Board Member, at the positive conclusion of a 2-year public battle

  • Temin and Company is pure value added.”

    —EVP, Global Health Care Company

  • Without a doubt, the best global reputation strategists, crisis managers, media strategists and thought leadership marketing gurus I know.”

    —President, Global Organization

  • A very elegant boutique firm. I’ve known Temin for a long time and they have been a highly effective partner for my company.”

    —Corporate CMO, Marketing Strategy Client

  • The best advice I have ever gotten from anyone – bar none.”

    —President, Crisis Client

  • This has been such a great experience. In two hours, your questions and scenarios have really forced us to reflect on our processes  which I’m quite proud of. There’s no way we can think of every kind of gap, but you have exposed a number…and that’s invaluable.”

    —Crisis Client

  • Thank you. As always, you were just what I needed.”

    —Chief Communications Officer

  • You guys are tremendous coaches and are so very talented at this, and I really enjoyed it.”

    —Coaching Client

  • Just fabulous. Really made us think.”

    —Corporate Director, after Temin crisis presentation to the board

  • You’re just a delight… on top of being an incredible resource for us.”

    —SVP of Communications

  • Speaking to you is like clearing the mechanism. Allows me to focus on the essentials. And do what needs to be done.”

    —Coaching Client

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