Anna Robaton, CBS MoneyWatch, October 24, 2016

Email hacks have apparently become the new normal. Just over the last several months, hackers have leaked emails belonging to several highly influential people. The hacked emails, some containing embarrassing tidbits, have been a major theme in the presidential campaign.

The recent spate of public-figure hacks also serves as a reminder to think twice about what you write in your emails, said Davia Temin, an executive coach and crisis manager who has worked with victims of hacks.

Many business and government leaders, she said, have long known that they shouldn’t expect privacy with regard to email, which can be subpoenaed in lawsuits or government investigations or land in the wrong hands through forwarding.

“Folks who are in high levels of leadership within corporations or other organizations pretty much know intellectually that they should never put in an email something they wouldn’t want” covered by the media, said Temin. She noted, though, that many still find it difficult to censor themselves. […read more]