Davia Temin, CommPRO.biz, March 18, 2015

When I started my corporate marketing and communications company 17 years ago, after running corporate marketing for GE Capital, and it became quite successful quite quickly, the one person who wasn’t surprised at all was my Mom. Why? “Well, dear, you sold so very many cookies,” she said. “You filled up the garage and every room in the house with cookies you were selling. I knew then that you had it in you to be a truly successful entrepreneur.”

And it’s true – I call it the Girl Scout Cookie Indicator of Success. Just as I sold more cookies than any girl in Ohio my year, so women who sold more cookies than any other girl in their state are populating the corridors of power – in Congress, communications, executive suites, newsrooms, board rooms, science, and nonprofit organizations. Girl Scouts is, and has always been, a fast track for success for countless numbers of girls and women.

And this is the reason I started to volunteer for Girl Scouts of Greater New York and then the national organization in the first place. […read more]