Leadership, “Reputation Matters,” Forbes, May 10, 2018

Impact — outsized, world-changing impact — that is the legacy of Susan Stautberg, the co-founder, Chair Emeritus and retiring CEO of WomenCorporateDirectors, honored last evening at WCD’s 2018 Visionary Awards Ceremony.

The Most Powerful Women in the World

WCD was the first organization for women sitting on corporate boards, arguably the most powerful group of women in the world. A combination of best-practices institute and lobbying organization urging boards to raise their percentage of women directors, this community of trust has become a unique refuge for a global group of women who are changing the way the world does business.

And this includes how boards are becoming more activist, and less tolerant of #metoo behavior, or any kinds of harassment within their organizations. It appears from anecdotal evidence at least that it is the women board directors who are sparking changed attitudes on their boards, and within their companies. […read more]