Reputation Matters, Forbes, August 4, 2011

As social media continues to morph moment to moment – almost every corporation and enterprise knows it should be doing something to position itself, and its products and services, over social media. Yet most simply do not know what that something is, or how to do it effectively. Davia and Social Media Intern Ian Anderson write on the “10 Don’ts” of corporate social media, and give advice for some “do’s” along the way.

Our 10 Don’ts Of Corporate Social Media:

#1: Don’t Over-Market, Be Social
#2: Don’t Act Like a Robot; Show a Human Face
#3: Don’t Forget to Engage; Hold Conversations
#4:Don’t Seduce and Abandon, But Know When to Leave
#5: Don’t Let the Interns Handle Your [Entire] Social Media Presence
#6:Don’t Be Stupid; Be a Thought Leader
#7: Don’t Be Indiscreet or Illegal
#8: Don’t Be Afraid to Admit Mistakes
#9: Don’t Forget to Use Your Brand’s Network To Create Love from “Like”
#10:Don’t Forget to Leverage Your Community

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