Megan Cerullo, CBS News, June 19, 2019

6-19-19 CBS News

Good news, perhaps, for victims of harassment in the workplace. The number of highly publicized #MeToo accusations dropped to the lowest level last month since peaking in October 2017, when former Hollywood studio chief Harvey Weinstein was first accused of sexual harassment. That’s according to the “#MeToo Index,” which tracks what it calls “high-profile” accusations of sexual misconduct in entertainment, media, politics and other employment sectors.

Twelve such accusations surfaced in May, down from 143 in October 2017, according to Temin and Company, a corporate reputation management and public relations firm that maintains the #MeToo Index. Temin attributes the steep drop in public accusations to a combination of factors, including companies’ improved internal reporting systems and procedures for handling complaints.

“Organizations have become more savvy, so when they hear complaints they are quicker to investigate, address and handle them in some way, as opposed to ignore them,” Davia Temin, the firm’s CEO, said. […read more]