Christine Williamson, Pensions & Investments, September 3, 2018


In the year since Harvey Weinstein’s alleged sexual assaults came to light, institutional investors have begun to ask external money managers about their firms’ histories on sexual misconduct.

The nascent trend to ask money managers to disclose sexual harassment and assault settlements was sparked by the #MeToo movement, which reignited last October after women all over the world shared their stories of sexual abuse in response to the Weinstein revelations, industry observers said.

“Weinstein was the game changer,” said Davia B. Temin, formerly a money management marketing executive who now is president and CEO of New York-based Temin and Co. Inc., a crisis and reputation management specialist.

“Pension funds and other institutional investors aren’t going to invest — or remain invested — with money managers with reputational issues. Negative publicity is a huge deterrent,” Ms. Temin said. […read more]