Kristen Bellstrom, Fortune The Broadsheet, June 22, 2018


Yesterday, we learned that Intel CEO Brian Krzanich had resigned for having what is being carefully described as a past “consensual relationship” with an Intel employee, a violation of company policy. While Krzanich is far from the first chief to lose his job over an office romance, his departure is instructive about the ways in which corporate America is attempting to digest the #MeToo movement.

While some companies might have once been willing to overlook such transgressions—even when the rules were clear—those days are over, Davia Temin, chief executive of reputation management firm Temin & Co., told the WSJ. “There’s a new level of rigor that says if something is on the books, it needs to be upheld and not ignored,” she said, noting that boards have become increasingly vigilant about companies’ reputations when it comes to issues of sexual misconduct. […read more]