Diane Brady, Bloomberg Businessweek, February 17, 2014

With so many companies chasing gen Y women, why is Levo League getting so much buzz? Sure, Levo Chief Executive Caroline Ghosn is the daughter of Carlos Ghosn, who runs both Nissan Motor and Renault . Ms. Ghosn and her Levo co-founder, Amanda Pouchot, are both millennials themselves. And it helps to have support and $1.25 million of seed money from such investors as Facebook Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg and AOL’s Susan Lyne. Scoring interviews with such folks as Warren Buffett will also put you on the map.

But Levo has built an audience of 8 million since 2012 by filling a need, not attracting big names. Its mission to empower young women in the first 10 years of their careers is backed up by a breezy mix of self-help articles, digital access to mentors, job postings, and live chats with prominent role models. The group also has 23 local chapters to connect offline.

Now, armed with $7 million in venture funding, Ghosn is launching Levo 2.0. The goal: to turn what she calls a “self-serve buffet” of mainly U.S. content into a global “recommendation engine for your career.” If Ghosn succeeds, Levo could become a model for using data to create more meaningful and lucrative ties with customers. […read more]