Leadership, “Reputation Matters,” Forbes, February 8, 2019


Phoenix-like, Jeff Bezos has risen from the ashes of bad decisions to make a great one. He is showing us — individuals, CEOs, Board Members, and other leaders — how to stand up to bullying and extortion — when he has everything to lose by doing it.

Perhaps it takes the richest man in the country, or someone who has been accused of bullying himself, to have the self confidence to put it all on the line. But he is modeling a bold kind of leadership we haven’t seen for a while.

Boards choose and keep CEOs not just for the insight, oversight and strategy they provide in business as usual – but how they lead through the firestorm.

And every organization has firestorms.

But not every CEO has the self-assurance, courage and backing to do the really, really tough — but right — thing when it all goes south. […read more]