Reputation Matters, Forbes, August 8, 2011

Today’s topic, the 5th post in our 10-part series, The 10 “Don’ts” of Corporate Social Media, comes straight from our Summer Intern, Ian Anderson, so interns of the world, please do not take offense!

We talk a lot at Temin and Company about with whom the responsibility of a social media strategy and its tactical execution should reside: the young and experienced in social networks, but inexperienced in organizational strategy and marketing, or older, more experienced corporate marketers and branders, who usually have less of an innate “feel” for social media.

Clearly, corporate boards are increasingly interested in their companies’ social media presence, and CEOs are therefore becoming crucially involved. But, in many organizations, there is a power struggle going on between marketing, PR (if they are separate) and IT as to where responsibility must reside.

In organizations that have CMOs, there can be little doubt, we feel, that the responsibility rests with them.  But we also feel it is crucial to have a team of very smart and engaged young people (interns…) and technology experts as well as more experienced thought leadership experts, brand strategists and marketers involved in social media strategy and execution.

Cross-generational, cross-disciplinary teams really are the way of the future anyway.  Why not start with social media? […read more]