Reputation Matters, Forbes, August 6, 2011

In social media, it really is all about the conversation — the authentic conversation, that is. In Swarthmore College student Ian Anderson’s and my third of 10 “Don’ts” of Corporate Social Mediaengagement is the key.

We will continue to post one “Don’t” a Day for the next 7 days, plus a wrap-up on the 8th.  Please send us your comments and thoughts.  Improving the quality of marketing on social media will raise the bar for us all.

Listen and Respond

Not acting like an advertising machine  is necessary, of course, but not sufficient — don’t forget to be conversational and ENGAGE your followers and fans. KPMG’s Twitter site is a good example.

High-quality, interactive content is important, but so is listening and responding to your audience in real time.  Brands unwilling to cater to customers or listen to what Facebook “likers” and Twitter followers have to say (positive and negative), are on. […read more]