Cory Schouten, CBS MoneyWatch, December 9, 2016

A high-profile dustup this week between Boeing CEO Dennis Muilenburg and President-elect Donald Trump has left corporate board members and CEOs on edge.

Shortly after news emerged that Muilenburg had questioned Trump’s stance on trade in a speech in Chicago, the president-elect fired back with tweets threatening to cancel the company’s contract to build two new Air Force One jets. Boeing’s stock fell but eventually recovered after the CEO and Mr. Trump made nice on a phone call. (Boeing also pledged $1 million toward the inauguration festivities.)

The exchange was a cautionary tale for business leaders who are accustomed to a certain way of interacting with political leaders, said Davia B. Temin, president and CEO of a boutique management consultancy focusing on crisis and reputation management.

Temin, who advises several industrial, biotech and financial firms, including Fortune 500 companies, talked with CBS MoneyWatch about the implications of the Trump-Muilenburg exchange. […read more]