T&C Press Release, The Street, December 9, 2013

“All corporations, organizations, CEOs and boards I know are struggling to define their optimal presence on social media,” says Davia Temin , CEO of Temin and Company. “The field is changing so rapidly, and there are so many conflicting ideas of how to best deploy resources that very few know the best way to go. And people are making mistakes. We created this series of deep-dive articles on corporate use of social media to explore not only best practices, but worst practices – not only the ‘do’s’ but the ‘don’ts’ – in this emerging field.”

“The trillion dollar question is ‘How do organizations think about communicating to the public now that the public communicates back?'” say Ms. Temin and her co-author, Ian Anderson , Social Media Strategist at Temin and Company. Each article in the series answers this question from a different focus. Most popular to date have been #1: Don’t Ignore Your Best Co-Branding Opportunity – Your Employees, trending on the Harvard Business Review LinkedIn group, and the most recent article, #5: Don’t Waste Money – Make Your Social Media Advertising Smarter, More Original, More Effective, a new look at advertising creativity on social media – what works, what doesn’t, and what the future holds. […read more]