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“When turmoil rules, go in.” — Lao Tzu

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America’s Leadership Crisis: Davia Temin — How Do We Fix It? podcast with host Richard Davies
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Companies: Crisis and Common Ground — Let's Find Common Ground podcast with hosts Richard Davies and Ashley Milne-Tyte.
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Communicating with Authority and Compassion in Crisis or Opportunity — Voice America’s Out of the Comfort Zone with host Wanda Wallace.
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Leading Through Crisis & Chaos — Know the Rules of the Game® Podcast with host Desiree Patno & Special Guest Davia Temin.
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Temps at the TopMarketplace with Kai Ryssdal.
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You Can Eradicate Sexual Harassment in Your OrganizationMonday Morning Radio.
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Leading in a ‘Me Too’ Era
In the era of #MeToo, leaders need to know what to do to prevent the problem in the first place.
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In our information-driven social media age, we know that truth — as well as lies — can circle the globe at the speed of light. Reputations can be honestly built through years of ethical behavior, insight and inspired leadership — but they can also be toppled  unscrupulously in an instant, weaponized by bad actors seeking to inflict real harm on others.

Temin and Company is an ethically based, socially responsible management consulting firm dedicated to helping clients create, enhance and save their reputations while fighting the misinformation that is clogging our airwaves, and harming our society.

Dedicated to integrity, respect, diversity and excellence, we seek to add immense value to every engagement and every client. Here is what our clients are saying:

You helped me raise my confidence level (2)

You helped me raise my confidence level and deliver my message in a more professional/skilled manner. I can’t thank you enough for all you have done for me.”

—EVP, Global Bank

Davia Temin’s instincts are remarkably acute

Davia Temin’s instincts are remarkably acute. She has helped me at each stage of my company’s progress, and each time she has lifted us a bit higher.”

—Chairman and Chief Investment Officer, Investment Management Firm

Thanks so much for all of your help

Thanks so much for all of your help. The best part of it: I got a standing ovation before *and* after the acceptance speech, and no one said a word during the speech! What I learned will have a huge impact not just on that speech, but as I go forward!!!”

   —Senior Partner, Leading International Hedge Fund

The year brought many unexpected gifts

The year brought many unexpected gifts – and having the opportunity to work with you was a very special one. Thanks for ably stewarding me through my first Board Meeting! It has been a pleasure and privilege, and I look forward to more.”

   —Senior Foundation Executive

I had two public speaking sessions with you

I had two public speaking sessions with you a couple of years ago – changed my life – I am now a happy and successful public speaker!”

—Assistant Dean of Institutional Advancement, Nationally-known College