A+++ Players Dedicated to Adding & Enhancing Value

In today’s information-saturated age, reputations and value propositions are built and destroyed at the speed of electrons…not only for what organizations do or don’t do, but for how their actions are perceived by their multiple audiences and the public at large.

Perception often equals reality, and opportunities and threats lie beneath every strategy, every action, every communication.

Unassailable strategy, an impressive reputation and impactful presence can enhance shareholder value, increase marketing effectiveness, sales and traction, advance an organization’s mission, influence global discourse and gain valuable goodwill.

Public missteps, whether during the course of day-to-day activity or crisis situations – product recalls, regulatory issues, natural disasters, employee malfeasance or layoffs, earnings “surprises,” mergers, acquisitions or bankruptcies, to name only a few – can threaten an organization’s very existence.

Temin and Company is dedicated to adding and enhancing value for every client by quickly understanding the public magnitude of each opportunity and threat, as well as how they impact the goals and brand of the organization. We develop spot-on public strategies that can be implemented immediately, and then executed tirelessly.

We seek to provide unparalleled judgment, counsel, strategy and execution to our clients, in order to create, enhance, refine and save their reputations – across every medium, in good times and bad.


davia teminWhen I ran marketing for global companies, I was always looking for one-stop strategic consulting boutiques that were as smart or smarter than we were, knew our industry and business as well or better than we did (or would learn quickly), were research and evidence-based, employed the finest professionals available, were indefatigable and available 25/8, consistently performed brilliantly, came up with unique, effective, break-though ideas, had incredible connections and would use them on our behalf, and had impeccable judgment and counsel around issues of marketing, strategy, media, reputation, intellectual capital, board governance and CEO communications coaching and crisis management.

I rarely found this level of intelligence, expertise, dedication and judgment in the marketing or public strategies arenas.

That is why I started Temin and Company 20 years ago – to provide our clients with exactly the services I had been searching for around the world.

We seek, everyday, to live up to this goal.

— Davia Temin

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