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"There are certain shades of limelight that can wreck a girl's complexion." — Holly Golightly


"Nightly Business Report — May 5, 2014"

Davia Temin talks with Tyler Mathisen and Susie Gharib about Target's latest shake-up. — Nightly Business Report [...read more]

"U.S. Department of State Announces New York City Marketing and Reputation Strategist Davia Temin as Delegate to Greece"

Davia Temin has been tapped by the U.S. Department of State to serve as a Delegate in the GEP's Entrepreneurship Delegation to Greece." — Press Release on Reuters [...read more]

"GM Faces More Tests as Documents Show Culture of Denial"

"Barra has to be ready for a marathon crisis and shouldn't expect any relief, soon. What the CEO has to learn in a crisis of this magnitude is that it just keeps on coming, barrage after barrage. The best analogy is probably to war. People do win wars, but they also get battle fatigue." — Bloomberg [...read more]

"Barra's review, from those who've been on hot seat"

Davia Temin shares her thoughts on GM CEO Mary Barra's handling of the crisis: "Unless you've been in front of Congress, you don't now how grueling it can be... The most seasoned CEOs quake at something like this. In that light, I think she did a spectacular job." — Crain's Detroit Business [...read more]

"Mary Barra's Defining Moment: Can GM Become The Next Tylenol?"

Only three months into her CEO stint at General Motors, Maria Barra's defining issue has found her; and it is a crisis that she most certainly did not choose. — Forbes Reputation Matters [...read more]

"Barra Seeks to Distance GM From Old Cost-First Culture"

"It wasn't surprising that lawmakers wanted to know how Barra was unaware of the safety issues. And that it's the $1 billion question. Who did know? Who didn't know?" — Bloomberg [...read more]

"GM’s Barra Saying Sorry Seeks to Limit Fallout on Recall"

"She doesn't have to take the blame -- she can be the fixer," said Davia Temin. "Saying you're sorry is the first 5 percent of it. She will be judged on how she handles the next 95 percent of it." — Bloomberg [...read more]

"The Crisis of Trust and Rebuilding Trust After Crisis"

In this live broadcast, Davia Temin and Charlie Green discussed reputation and trust, disaster recovery and disaster prevention, crisis response and the crisis of trust. — Trust Across America [...read more]

"Target CEO opens up about data breach" —

Davia Temin weighs in on Target CEO Gregg Steinhafel's interview with CNBC in which he discusses the massive security breach that happened last December. "He stayed on message, he took responsibility, he said he was sorry, he said they would make it right, he lauded his team, he repeated his message over and over and over again. That's the playbook." — The Washington Post [...read more]

"Don't Kill Off Your Website -- Use It As The Hub For Your Social Media Presence: #6 Of '10 More Don'ts Of Corporate Social Media'"

There aren’t many places left where organizations can have total control over what is said about them. But corporate websites can still provide a center of control, continuity and clarity of message. — Forbes Reputation Matters [...read more]

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