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"Reputation, reputation, reputation...the immortal part of myself..." — William Shakespeare

Speaking & Moderating

Davia Temin is a frequent public and popular speaker and moderator  for clients, clients' own client events, their leadership development and “high potentials” training programs, and at public events, conferences, and association meetings.

She also presents regularly at CEO and board meetings, and has developed a range of “Crisis Game” role play simulations to prepare CEOs, boards, and client companies for real-life crisis situations.

She also helps to facilitate strategic planning sessions, idea generation, and career development conferences.

These sessions are almost universally top-rated by participants.

Topics range from reputation and crisis management to fostering resilience to rebuilding trust and loyalty; from strategic and visionary leadership to communicating one's purpose and brand with impact, clarity and power to how to deal with a hostile media and an angry public; from an introduction to marketing strategy to how to communicate with authenticity in an information-driven marketplace.

Called the "utility infielder of speaking" by one corporate managing director running the company's high-potential leadership program, Temin can put together a compelling and inspiring presentation on a constellation of topics geared to support the goals of the training and add value to the organization and its leaders.

  • Keynote speaker
  • Panel moderator
  • Crisis case role-play presentation
  • Seminar and conference planning, moderating and facilitating
  • Presenter
    • "Executive Leadership and Presence in Times of Crisis and Challenge"
    • "Rebuilding Trust in the Financial Markets"
    • "Enhancing Your Power, Influence and Value"
    • "Overcoming Career Derailers to Get Back on Track"
    • "What Boards Need to Know about Social Media"
    • "Interviewing Skills of Investigative Journalists"
    • "What Directors Need to Know About Reputational Risk"
    • "Earning and Rebuilding Reputations and Trust"
    • "Resilience - Seven Times Down; Eight Times Up"
    • "Crisis Management 1001 - What To Do When the Firestorm Hits"
    • "Leading Through Difficult Times"
    • "Fast-Track Career Growth"
    • "Wall Street, Volatility & Reputation"
    • "Risks and Rewards in the Financial System: What Keeps You Up at Night?"
    • "Introduction to Integrated Marketing"
    • "Resiliency: How to Lead in Difficult Times"
    • "The Role of the Board in a Time of Crisis"
    • "How to Move from Tactical to Strategic Leadership"
    • "How to Climb the Corporate Ladder"
    • "How the Media and Business Interact"
    • "Building a Brand Through Social Media"
    • "Crisis Management, Communications and Coming Back from the Brink"
    • "The 11 Don't's of Corporate Social Media"

She also presents regularly at CEO meetings, and has developed a range of “Crisis Game” role play simulations to prepare CEOs, Boards, and client companies for real-life crisis situations.

quotesYour presentation was fabulous. Your insights as a successful manager of your own social media brand were exceptionally interesting and relevant.”

—University Public Policy Executive Director

quotesYour presentation was by far the best of the meeting. You really woke everyone up.”

—Board Chair

quotesThe meeting ended on such a high because your presentation lifted it up at the exact right moment. We all loved it!!”

—International Philanthropist and Entrepreneur

quotesYour remarks were fascinating. I could listen to you speak all day.”

—Wall Street Journal Symposium Participant

quotesGreat remarks! You substantially exceeded expectations – we lost almost no one during the session. Unprecedented for this audience.”

—High-level Government Official, running Biotech Conference

quotesWe wanted to extend a sincere thank you to you for an amazing and eye opening session. The event exceeded all of our objectives and expectations, for our clients and internally.”

—Global Banking SVP

quotesShe was the highlight of a long day.”

—Bank Managing Director, on conference keynote made by Davia Temin

quotesI’ve gotten great feedback from both our clients and from our folks that your moderation and presentation on restoring confidence were fantastic additions to the agenda.”

—Marketing Head, Fortune 50 Company

quotesYou did a stupendous job assembling and moderating a terrific panel of experts! We were all very motivated and intrigued by the advice we received, and entered the workplace on Thursday more focused, with a positive attitude that may well influence others.“

—Financial Services Managing Director

quotesYour Crisis program won our award for Best Business Event of the Year. Congratulations!”

—Corporate CEO and Program Chair, Global CEO Forum

quotesWhat a well-deserved standing ovation. Inspiring, and moving.”

—Nonprofit CEO

quotesIf you have an opportunity to be in a seminar given by Davia Temin, take it. Immediately. Hers were the best sessions we had all year long.”

—High Potential Bank Training Program Graduate

quotesA real utility infielder speaker – give you any topic, and you hit a home run.”

—Corporate Leadership Development Head

quotesYour presentation was awesome.”

—Corporate Learning Manager

quotesSpectacular remarks! Spot on.”

—Public Policy Director

quotesThanks again for your contribution; we are getting fantastic feedback on its relevance to our market.”

—Corporate Intellectual Capital Head

quotesI appreciate Davia speaking at our sessions no matter what topic she is covering. I have seen her multiple times and feel that she really energizes me.”

—High Potential Financial Services SVP

quotesThe oral and written feedback we’ve received has been overwhelmingly positive.”

—Division President, on presentation made by Davia Temin

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