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"What matters most is how well you walk through the fire." — Charles Bukowski

Saving Reputations

Controlling Reputational Risk – Restoring Trust

Reputational Risk is one of the most crucial considerations of our age.

In a world where crisis is the new normal – and news and opinion travel at the speed of electrons, are constantly available on an exploding array of devices, and are interpreted not only by journalists but by the entire world population –  reputations can be made or broken in a nanosecond, with just one step – or misstep.

In no time, events can reach a flashpoint, truth can morph beyond recognition, and reality can spin out of control.

Temin and Company is highly experienced in dealing with the onslaught – strategically controlling the damage, organizing the response, shaping the messages and delivering them authentically in real time, all while helping to fix the situation that precipitated the crisis.

Generally hired by the Board or the CEO, we are known as fierce advocates for our clients – helping to protect clients in crisis, prepare for crises before they happen, and restore reputations after the crises have abated.

Resolving the crisis and restoring trust and confidence in our clients, their organizations and products in the aftermath are our ultimate goals – goals we are dedicated to achieving beyond all expectation.

  • Crisis preparation and planning
  • Risk analysis
  • Crisis management, strategy and communications
  • Serving as spokesperson for organizations or individuals in crisis
  • Litigation support and expert witness testimony
  • Market, competitive or strategic research and due diligence
  • Marketing strategy to retain business during crisis
  • Reputation "rehabilitation"
  • Rebuilding trust
  • Crisis and business recovery

quotesAs always, you are a lifesaver.”

—Ongoing University Crisis Client

quotesYou're such a great thought partner.”

—Legal Counsel in deciding course of action in a legal crisis

quotesI love working with you – you are so good.”

—University Vice President of Communications

quotesI love the clarity with which you think.”

—Crisis Client

quotesYou were a huge help! ...We are delighted to have you on our team.”

—University Crisis Client

quotesA million thanks ... Your advice ended up being profoundly spot on.”

—Crisis Client dealing with an ongoing, entrenched issue

quotesIt’s great to have someone like you to brainstorm with when I need it! Until the next one.”

—Big 10 University COO

quotesIf you put me in a grand word maze, I would go instantly, always, to your prose.”

—University Vice President of Communications

quotesYour ability to listen deeply and reframe artfully is truly amazing!”

—College President

quotesAs usual, the prism through which you view issues of conflict and crisis is terribly helpful to us. We are deeply grateful for your sustained support, insight, and encouragement.”

—University Head of Communications

quotesA fierce advocate in a crisis.”

—CEO, Corporate Crisis Client

quotesSage advice. A breath of fresh air. Exceedingly helpful."

—Embattled CEO, upon announcement of a winning lawsuit

quotesEveryone thinks you are our secret weapon.”

—CMO and Partner, Venture Capital Firm

quotesYour clarity, expertise and optimism pulled us out of the vortex. You helped ‘clear the way’ for us to forge forth with important work. You have just talked us down from the brink…and saved an enormous amount of time and money. I haven’t felt so well taken care of, well, since I can’t remember when.”

—CMO, Major Global Corporation, in crisis

quotesYou were the bright spot amid some dark moments. I can’t express the full depth of our appreciation for all you have done.”

—President, Corporate Crisis Client

quotesThe best advice I have ever gotten from anyone – bar none.”

—President, Crisis Client

quotesAs always, Davia, your fast response and wisdom are simply tops, and go way beyond what we often refer to as ‘professional.’ With you it is something more, much more."

—CEO, Corporate Crisis Client

quotesBesides all of you doing your job so exceptionally well, I can’t help but view your firm as a big security blanket. For those of us not used to going head-to-head with the media, this stuff is unnerving.”

—CEO, Crisis Client Company

quotesAgain, thank you so, so much for all you have done not only to help us prepare for the possible forthcoming media storm, but for reaching into your amazing network to provide us with access. Not only is the business made better through your services, I pick up a year’s worth of unrivaled professional experience in the relatively short time we spend working on these matters – I learned that much from you in a matter of weeks. As I said last time, I would rather not be dealing with this crisis, but am happy to have the time working with you.”

—Crisis Client

quotesIf I have to go into battle, I want Davia on my side.”

—Investigative Reporter, The Wall Street Journal

quotesBrilliant, just brilliant. You have completely captured the situation, and no one has come up with solutions like these. Your ideas are brilliant.”

—High-profile Participant, in very public media crisis

quotesBeautifully written, truly. I knew my copy was full of emotion and defensiveness, so thank you for so completely changing the tone and the polish.”

—Crisis Client

quotesI just wish I could have you with me all the time. I felt so protected and calm. And the press conference turned out beautifully.”

—Crisis Client

quotesYou are remarkably available.”

—Corporate Crisis Client

quotesYou are the top of the game.”

—President, Corporate Crisis Client, at the resolution of the crisis

quotesYour help was invaluable – your guidance in terms of what I should be working on helped me show leadership at a time when everyone was panicked. The content you wrote to create talking points around the scenarios demonstrated we had thought through consequences and were prepared. I greatly appreciate your guidance and hard work on this. It was brilliant what you did for me.”

—Senior Financial Services Executive

quotesAgain, as always, thank you so much for your time, devotion, singular focus and commitment. Your work intensity and commitment to the work at hand is really very uncommonly found, and I greatly appreciate it. I can’t express how confident I feel having you in the driver’s seat.”

—President, Crisis Client

quotesI keep thinking of ways we could create a crisis, so that we could work with you again.”

—President, Crisis Client Company

quotesI cannot thank you enough for doing such a fantastic job on the speech. This really is wonderful work, and even though I know you all worked all weekend, it has simply saved the day.”

—Chief Medical Officer, Pharmaceutical Company

quotesI wanted to express my thanks for the expertise, assistance and sensitive concern you gave… in respect of the public disclosure of the settlement. You knew from the outset and I learned during the process, that it would prove to be the most difficult and contentious part of the wind-up of a complicated and highly charged lawsuit.”

—Litigation Partner, on successful settlement of lawsuit

quotesDespite many years of practice, the representation of some very public figures and the professional perception of the importance of words, I did not appreciate the subtleties of how to structure a client’s statement to the media. Fortunately, you and your staff did.”

—Litigation Partner, on successful settlement of lawsuit

quotesThe realization of your knowledge and skill was driven home by our adversaries’ ferocious opposition to the public positions on which you insisted. As you know, they had a public relations machine under their roof and outside; your ability to explain the correctness of your position helped our side to carry the day.

—Litigation Partner, Major Law Firm

quotesI am very glad you were on our side, and I thank you for your responsiveness, good judgment and perseverance. I hope we have many opportunities to work together in the future.”

—Litigation Partner, on successful settlement of lawsuit

quotesEvery time I am with you, I get so energized and focused. I can see why you are such a wonderful coach.”

—University President

quotesIt gives me great comfort to know you are my secret weapon in the wings.”

—Corporate CEO

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