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"In a market system based on trust, reputation has a significant economic value." — Alan Greenspan

Enhancing Reputations

Marketing Through Ideas, Information, Expertise

Turning Intellectual Capital into True Thought Leadership

Using intellectual capital to help enhance corporate reputation and market presence, Temin and Company has been involved in helping create true thought leadership for clients before the term even existed.

Perfectly suited to today's "information economy," Temin and Company delves deeply into the expertise, data and intellectual capital of client companies, and helps them identify and create client communications, social media campaigns, white papers, authored articles, Congressional testimony, books, websites, surveys, calls to action, news releases and media advisories, blogs, videos, Q&As and other thought leadership vehicles of exceptional value.

Topics we have worked with include corporate governance, leadership, talent management, investment advice, market analysis, banking products and services, legal insight, biotechnological and medical advances, industrial applications, consumer trends, academic research, advocacy and global policy.

Excellence in thought and writing are attributes we seek to exhibit in every assignment, and have been told by web and publication editors to whom we have submitted our work that we make their jobs uncommonly easy.

Much is called thought leadership today, but most is thought followership disguised as leadership. We seek to help our clients develop true value-added insight, for use across traditional and social media, which helps to change the game in their industries, and add value to their organizations.

  • Creating and marketing through unparalleled thought leadership
  • Innovative public/media relations strategy, planning and execution
  • Marketing strategy and tactical execution
  • Strategic positioning and branding
  • Marketing training
  • Seminar and conference planning, moderating and speaking
  • Advisory board development
  • Strategic partnership creation
  • Internal communications
  • Social media strategy and execution
  • Financial deal support
  • Marketing organization evaluation
  • Writing and editing internal and external communications
  • Speechwriting
  • Strategic Integrated Marketing Communications Planning – Training, Development and Counsel
  • Competitive analysis
  • Logo and corporate identity creation
  • Marketing materials and video production
  • Public strategies/affairs counsel

quotesI simply could not have done this without you.”

—C-Suite Executive negotiating major promotion

quotesI wish you could sit on my shoulder and talk into my ear all day long. Your advice is that powerful and helpful.”

—CEO Coaching Client

quotesIt’s great to have someone like you to brainstorm with when I need it! Until the next one.”

—Big 10 University COO

quotesYour ability to listen deeply and reframe artfully is truly amazing!”

—College President

quotesI have trusted you and relied on your judgment for years.”

—Network TV Anchor

quotesAs usual, the prism through which you view issues of conflict and crisis is terribly helpful to us. We are deeply grateful for your sustained support, insight, and encouragement.”

—University Head of Communications

quotesEveryone thinks you are our secret weapon.”

—CMO and Partner, Venture Capital Firm

quotesThis is the best – really the very best – advice I have received.”

—TV Anchor

quotesIt was simply incredible to get something like this in the press. You are a miracle worker!!”

—Vice Chairman, Fortune 100 Company

quotesYou add tremendous value to us.”

—Chairman, Global Corporation

quotesI am not sure what the secret code is in the sentences you craft or the direction you give but Whoa, it works.”

—CEO, Professional Services Firm

quotesAlmost every CEO I meet with has seen and read these! Amazing penetration at the right levels.”

—Vice Chairman, Client Firm, about thought leadership written and distributed by Temin and Company

quotesMy gratitude abounds for your terrific action steps/support!”

—Reporter, The Huffington Post

quotesYou are such an asset.”

—Professional Services Client

quotesEverything you touch, you add value to.”

—Financial Services MD, CMO

quotesDavia – this is so helpful. I can’t thank you enough for the terrific work on this. I have spent the last two days working it into the material I am getting from Investor Relations. Thank you!!!!!!!!!”

—Senior Banker

quotesIt was brilliant what you did for me.”

—Senior Financial Services Executive

quotesWe thought you were absolutely phenomenal.”

—Corporate Strategy Client

quotesIn the 10 years I have worked at the firm we haven’t had as well developed/coordinated a response to press inquiries. I think your guidance today on our response was perfect. We took the high road and yet were cooperative with an important business publication.”

—Head of North America, Global Professional Services Firm

quotesI am very impressed by your ability to add value in a very short period of time.”

—CEO, Technology Company

quotesIt gives me great comfort to know you are my secret weapon in the wings.”

—Corporate CEO

quotesThis report is outstanding. You did an amazing job of synthesizing all of the input and creating a crystal-clear overview of the situation. It’s strong, but very fair and objective. I also think your recommendations make sense.... Well done, as usual.”

—Senior Financial Services Executive

quotesIf I could recommend that my clients do only one thing to raise their profile and enhance their reputation, I would tell them to work with Temin and Company. In fact, that is what I tell them to do.”

—CEO, Branding Firm

quotesTemin and Company is especially valuable for those companies whose business is intangibles, or who deal with ideas. They are just about the only firm who really understands how to market intellectual capital to increase interest, influence and recognition.”

—CEO, Branding Firm

quotesWhen you know you have a good story to tell, but haven’t been able to get media attention, that’s when you call Temin and Company. Somehow through the magic of contacts, focus and creativity, the next thing you know you’re in The New York Times.”

—CEO, NGO Client

quotesTemin and Company provides exactly what a CEO looks for from his marketing/pr/reputation strategy firm. Temin does it right – strategically, creatively, effectively, promptly, smartly and with a unique flair – every time.”

—Corporate Chairman and CEO

quotesI have never spent such a relatively short period of time more profitably in a discussion of our marketing, positioning and needed strategy.”

—President, Large, Global NGO

quotesYou and your colleagues at Temin have MORE THAN hit the ground RUNNING! Already you’ve been indispensable. Thank you!”

—CEO, Healthcare Corporation

quotesDavia Temin’s instincts are remarkably acute. She has helped me at each stage of my company’s progress, and each time she has lifted us a bit higher."

—Chairman and Chief Investment Officer, Investment Management Firm

quotesTemin and Company really understands the financial services industry, and has been able to address our multiple marketing needs exceptionally well. From creating a spectacular Wall Street Journal ad and the perfect capabilities brochure to raising the profile of our firm in the industry press, they have completed every assignment with excellence, commitment and professionalism. I highly recommend them.”

—President, Investment Bank

quotesThis is a spectacular and relevant set of materials…. I can only thank and commend you and your colleagues for delivering so responsively!”

—Partner, Board Leadership Consulting Firm

quotesI’ve gotten great feedback from both our clients and from our folks that your moderation and presentation on restoring confidence were fantastic additions to the agenda.”

—Marketing Head, Fortune 50 Company

quotesGreat remarks! You substantially exceeded expectations – we lost almost no one during the session. Unprecedented for this audience.”

—High-level Government Official, running Biotech Conference

quotesTemin has the uncanny ability to translate complex scientific concepts and language into easily understandable prose. Thanks for your great work: the release looks very good indeed, and somewhat surprisingly, all the investors agreed.”

—President, Biotech Firm

quotesYou did a stupendous job assembling and moderating a terrific panel of experts! We were all very motivated and intrigued by the advice we received, and entered the workplace on Thursday more focused, with a positive attitude that may well influence others. You gave us so many marvelous techniques to help us navigate through these challenging times – and times of changes. The oral and written feedback we’ve received has been overwhelmingly positive.”

—Head, Corporate Women’s Network

quotesThanks ever so much for the keen insights about my speech.... You are the most thoughtful woman I know.”

—Senior Biotech Executive

quotesI have just been appointed to our Executive Committee. It is a recognition of our whole team and our excellent strategic partners. Really, you've made a large impact and our success is intertwined as it should be. Thank you.”

—CMO, World-class Financial Services Firm

quotesOverall, definitely a success. Thank you so very much for your extraordinary support on every aspect of the event.”

—Global Banking CMO

quotesWe wanted to extend a sincere thank you to you for an amazing and eye opening session. The event exceeded all of our objectives and expectations, for our clients and internally.”

—Global Banking SVP

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