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"Reputation is the totality of everything a company is, does, and says, as well as what others say and think about it." — Temin and Company

Creating Reputations

In today's ever-more complex, media-saturated world, reputation often trumps all.

Increasingly Boards of Directors are listing reputation as one of their top governance concerns. CEOs are devoting more and more of their time to understanding, protecting and promoting their organizations' reputation. And building, or rebuilding, trust and a positive presence among stakeholders has become a prime management concern.

Reputation affects share price, marketplace acceptance and sales, government regulation, and which employees accept job offers as well as their retention and job satisfaction.

Whether it be for new companies, organizations, products or ventures, Temin and Company has deep experience in creating trustworthy and powerful reputations, strategic visibility, breakthrough marketing plans, competitive analyses, messaging and positioning, and print, broadcast and social media presence. Temin and Company helps clients create the right presence – with the right audiences – that is aligned perfectly with their strategic goals.

To achieve this, we work with clients and their boards in a variety of ways, conducting extensive research, SWOT and other competitive analyses, interviews with customers and structured brainstorming sessions. We help clients identify target constituencies – and then messaging and positioning tailored to each audience.

We create strategic marketing and tactical plans and then help our clients execute those plans for maximum impact.

We seek to bring fresh, innovative thinking to all of our efforts, whether working with the press on a launch, creating targeted messaging for websites, social media, or internal and external communications.

Our clients recognize us for learning their businesses and their needs very quickly, enabling them to establish the right tone and presence immediately out of the gate.

  • Work with boards on corporate governance issues
  • Refine value propositions and mission, vision and brand statements
  • Strategic marketing plan development
  • Competitive/SWOT analysis
  • Strategic positioning
  • Message development
  • Marketing training and counsel
  • Market research
  • New company and new product introduction
  • Creative coordination of branding, graphic design and advertising
  • Media strategy and implementation
  • Media and speaker training

quotesYour ability to listen deeply and reframe artfully is truly amazing!”

—College President

quotesAs usual, the prism through which you view issues of conflict and crisis is terribly helpful to us. We are deeply grateful for your sustained support, insight, and encouragement.”

—University Head of Communications

quotesTo position and brand a client, Temin has the unparalleled capacity to elicit ideas, spur action, and network with the media and other audiences to deliver extraordinary results.”

—Partner, Global Executive Search Firm

quotesEverything you touch, you add value to.”

—Financial Services MD, CMO

quotesYour advice, guidance and partnership have truly been invaluable.”

—Newly Named Corporate CEO

quotesI am very impressed by your ability to add value in a very short period of time.”

—CEO, Technology Company

quotesWe are thrilled with the coverage and response. We have increased the exposure of our company tenfold in 1.5 days! Everyone here is thankful for all of the work that you and your team have put into this effort. I look forward to building on the momentum we have created.”

—CFO, Biotech Firm

quotesTemin has the uncanny ability to translate complex scientific concepts and language into easily understandable prose. Thanks for your great work: the release looks very good indeed, and somewhat surprisingly, all the investors agreed.”

—President, Biotech Firm

quotesI wanted to send my deep appreciation for your willingness to lead the communications efforts around our historic transition. You are a powerhouse!”

—Newly Installed President of Prestigious NGO

quotesI feel fortunate that you have taken this on – not just for our organization but for the thousands we inspire to lead and take action in their communities. There’s no one else I can think of who I’d want to steward this effort.”

—Newly Installed President of Prestigious NGO

quotesThis is really excellent…. This work is personal on many levels and you are a fantastic collaborator in ‘getting it right.’ I hope we can work together for years to come. A great job…it was not easy to get it to the level you did.”

—Start-up CEO

quotesWhen you know you have a good story to tell, but haven’t been able to get media attention, that’s when you call Temin and Company. Somehow through the magic of contacts, focus and creativity, the next thing you know you’re in The New York Times.”

—CEO, NGO Client

quotesThis report is outstanding. You did an amazing job of synthesizing all of the input and creating a crystal-clear overview of the situation. It’s strong, but very fair and objective. I also think your recommendations make sense.... Well done, as usual.”

—Senior Financial Services Executive

quotesI’ve seen a lot of press releases and this one really stands out.”

—Business Journalist

quotesThanks again for all your help and guidance. It’s been invaluable.”

—Newly Named Corporate CEO

quotesThanks so much for organizing everything! It would have been a flop without you.”

—Author and Speaker

quotesThis is a spectacular and relevant set of materials…. I can only thank and commend you and your colleagues for delivering so responsively!”

—Partner, Board Leadership Consulting Firm

quotesIf I could recommend that my clients do only one thing to raise their profile and enhance their reputation, I would tell them to work with Temin and Company. In fact, that is what I tell them to do.”

—CEO, Branding Firm

quotesTemin and Company is especially valuable for those companies whose business is intangibles, or who deal with ideas. They are just about the only firm who really understands how to market intellectual capital to increase interest, influence and recognition.”

—CEO, Branding Firm

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