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"The human brain starts working the moment you are born and never stops until you stand up to speak in public." — George Jessel

"A leader takes people where they want to go. A great leader takes people where they don't necessarily want to go, but ought to be." — Rosalynn Carter

Coaching for Leadership

Strategy Coaching

On a bespoke basis, Temin and Company works with over 20 CEOs around the world, helping them to continually refine their strategic vision, and then implement that vision throughout their organizations.

Both for continuing and new leaders, Temin and Company helps C-suite executives and boards increase their impact, clarity and effectiveness, as well as cultivate resilience in the face of market, business and personal challenges.

Communications Coaching

Ideas are paramount, but without spectacular delivery, their power is muted.

Temin and Company works with leaders at the highest levels to hone their voice, their delivery, their messages and their remarks, from the boardroom to road shows to the world's most prestigious thought leadership forums.

Davia Temin has more than 20 years of experience as a high-level communications coach, beginning when she ran marketing for some of the world's top financial services firms and universities. She has worked with hundreds of Chairmen and CEOs, board members, corporate leaders, bankers, consultants, media executives, scientists, authors, college and university presidents, foundation heads, politicians and global leaders.

Usually hired by the board or the C-suite, Ms. Temin and her colleagues work on a one-to-one basis, tailoring presentation skills training and speech coaching to the specific needs of the client. We conduct ongoing retainer work for leaders with a high global presence. Often, heads of companies then ask Temin to work with their senior leadership teams, in order to raise the bar for the entire organization.

Impact, inspiration and outstanding performance are the goals, as Temin and Company helps leaders find, refine and project their "voice" to their key audiences.

Media Coaching

The media – be it print, broadcast or social – is not only ubiquitous, but today defines the perception and reputation of almost every corporation, company, organization and individual.

Reputations are built and lost at the speed of electrons. Knowing how to best communicate one's message to the media, in good times and in crisis, is therefore a management and leadership imperative.

Temin and Company has unparalleled experience in media training and strategy.

Never formulaic or reductionist, but based on a career of highly successful and respectful media relations, Temin and Company tailors media training to the express needs of the leaders being trained, and the media they wish to address.

Strategic, nuanced, authentic and substantive, Temin and Company's media training helps executives and leaders become respected and valued sources for the professional media, in times of both crisis and opportunity.

Group Coaching and Course Development

Temin and Company also creates and conducts specialized, individually-tailored courses for corporations and other organizations.

These sessions almost always are top-rated by participants.

Topics span a wide range, from "Marketing 101" tailored for a major pharmacy benefits company, to "Interviewing Secrets of Investigative Journalists" for senior securities analysts at a major financial firm, to "How to Survive, Thrive and Add Value in Difficult Times" and "Enhancing Your Power, Influence and Value," for a global money-center bank, to a "Crisis Case in 5 Acts" for several CEO/President groups.

  • CEO leadership, strategy and communications coaching
  • Personalized speech and presentation coaching
  • Personalized media training
  • Small group presentation skills, speech training and media coaching
  • Tailored training and coaching sessions and seminars ("How to Survive, Thrive and Add Value in Difficult Times," "Enhancing Your Power, Influence and Value," "Crisis Case Role-play," "Mentorship, Sponsorship, and Fast-Track Growth," "Women's Leadership," etc.)
  • Advising corporate women's councils and diversity efforts for maximum impact
  • Road show and investor conference preparation and coaching
  • Guided idea generation
  • Strategic planning facilitation

quotesYour coaching is magic.”

—Foreign Ambassador to the U.S.

quotesI simply could not have done this without you.”

—C-Suite Executive negotiating major promotion

quotesI wish you could sit on my shoulder and talk into my ear all day long. Your advice is that powerful and helpful.”

—CEO Coaching Client

quotesAs always, thank you for your wisdom and great guidance. You're the best!”

—Coaching Client

quotesA great extension of your skills and expertise! Leadership coaching is the perfect complement to your practice.”

—Leader of Board Practice, Global Executive Search Firm

quotesThanks especially for your wonderful advice and guidance. You have been a terrific partner to help me navigate the treacherous waters of internal politics.”

—CEO Coaching Client

quotesYour ability to listen deeply and reframe artfully is truly amazing!”

—College President

quotesThe best thing I did (in my career) was to work with Temin...and buy a new suit!”

—Scientist; Biotech CEO and Founder

quotesAs usual, the prism through which you view issues of conflict and crisis is terribly helpful to us. We are deeply grateful for your sustained support, insight, and encouragement.”

—University Head of Communications

quotesGreat, great, great. I have been hearing great things about your work with our CEO.”

—Corporate Board Chair

quotesI really needed someone smart as a coach, who could ‘get’ me. You understand people. It may seem simple, but it’s actually really complicated. You get the code that people pick up, and you see it. You have it all, so it’s really cool.”

—CEO Candidate

quotesThe best advice I have ever gotten from anyone – bar none.”

—President, Crisis Client

quotesYou are such a great coach in this crazy uncertain area I find myself in.... I feel good knowing we’re on the same team.”

—Corporate CEO

quotesThank you for your help during our Leadership Conference. I am very pleased with the outcome and with our CEO’s continued growth. Your expertise and coaching were invaluable.”

—Board Chair, Major Nonprofit

quotesYou have been a huge help and I appreciate your suggestions, insights and wisdom.”

—CEO, Major Nonprofit

quotesI just wish I could have you with me all the time. I felt so protected and calm. And the press conference turned out beautifully.”

—Crisis Client

quotesAwesome! You always advise me so well. Thank you. Amazing, I have to say.”

—Vice Chairman, Global Corporation

quotesYour advice, guidance and partnership have truly been invaluable.”

—Newly Named Corporate CEO

quotesIt gives me great comfort to know you are my secret weapon in the wings.”

—Corporate CEO

quotesThis is the best – really the very best – advice I have received.”

—TV Anchor

quotesI love your brain.”

—Managing Director, Biotechnology Company

quotesI’ve never seen him so good.”

—Board Member, on corporate CEO candidate’s performance, as coached by Temin

quotesYou helped me raise my confidence level and deliver my message in a more professional/skilled manner. I can’t thank you enough for all you have done for me.”

—EVP, Global Bank

quotesI have received wonderful feedback on last night’s speech. Thank you!”

—Corporate CEO and Board Chair

quotesThanks ever so much for the keen insights about my speech.... You are the most thoughtful woman I know.”

—Senior Biotech Executive

quotesIf you have an opportunity to be in a seminar given by Davia Temin, take it. Immediately. Hers were the best sessions we had all year long.”

—High Potential Bank Training Program Graduate

quotesThanks so much for all of your help. The best part of it: I got a standing ovation before *and* after the acceptance speech, and no one said a word during the speech! What I learned will have a huge impact not just on that speech, but as I go forward!!!”

—Senior Partner, Leading International Hedge Fund

quotesThe year brought many unexpected gifts – and having the opportunity to work with you was a very special one. Thanks for ably stewarding me through my first Board Meeting! It has been a pleasure and privilege, and I look forward to more.”

—Senior Foundation Executive

quotesI had two public speaking sessions with you a couple of years ago – changed my life – I am now a happy and successful public speaker!”

—Assistant Dean of Institutional Advancement, Nationally-known College

quotesThanks in large part to excellent coaching provided by Davia Temin, I recently came through quite successfully in one of the most difficult interviews I’ve faced in my many years in media relations and communications....”

—University Head of Communications

quotesFor anyone facing a challenging interview with the potential to cause harm to his or her organization – or to bring great benefits, for that matter – there is no one better to have in your corner than Davia Temin.”

—University Head of Communications

quotesThank you! The process you walked me through was just what the doctor ordered – and just right to get me where I needed to be, to do what had to be done. The combination of focused attention to presentation, with the rich conversation on context, process, and people worked some minor magic.”

—Senior Foundation Executive

quotesThis was very, very helpful and the most fun I’ve had in years.”

—Coaching Client

quotesWell, tonight was the speech and it was my best ever. I just wanted to give you a huge ‘thanks’ for making it a success! My Mom and Dad were so proud and so many folks came up after and really complimented me on my inspirational speech. I felt good about the delivery and know I can continue to get better but I am truly happy with the outcome. Thanks for your support, your guidance and your confidence – the impact was huge.”

—CEO, Fortune 500 Company

quotesI never knew that media and speaker training could be so painless, so effective, or so much fun. Our sessions have completely refreshed my speaking style, and I have been getting compliments from my Board as well as other audiences on my new communications skills.”

—CEO, Fortune 100 Company

quotesYour help was invaluable – your guidance in terms of what I should be working on helped me show leadership at a time when everyone was panicked. The content you wrote to create talking points around the scenarios demonstrated we had thought through consequences and were prepared. I greatly appreciate your guidance and hard work on this. It was brilliant what you did for me.”

—Senior Financial Services Executive

quotesLoved the interaction, stimulating, very helpful.”

—CEO, Fortune 100 Company, after first coaching session

quotesDavia, you are the best. I am blessed to have you in my life.”

—Senior Executive, Fortune 100 Company

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