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Must Reads-Crisis Management

The future of risk: New game, new rules

Deloitte, January 2017

The risk landscape is changing fast. Every day’s headlines bring new reminders that the future is on its way, and sometimes it feels like new risks and response strategies are around every corner. The outlines of new opportunities and new challenges for risk leaders — indeed, all organizational leaders — are already visible. So what should leaders prepare for? This report profiles 10 trends that have the potential to significantly alter the risk landscape for companies around the world and change how they respond to and manage risk. [ more]

CyberSecurity Board Basics: Prep, Watch, React & Report

David A. Katz and Laura A. McIntosh, Directors & Boards, August 17, 2017

Recent global cyberattacks have rudely reminded corporate America that cybersecurity risk management must be at the top of the board of directors' corporate governance agenda. Companies have no choice but to prepare proactively, while directors must understand the nature of cybersecurity risk and prioritize its oversight. Preparation, monitoring, emergency response and disclosure are topics that boards should consider regularly to properly oversee cyber risk management. [ more]

How Uber Uses Psychological Tricks to Push Its Drivers’ Buttons

Noam Scheiber, The New York Times, April 2, 2017

The secretive ride-hailing giant Uber rarely discusses internal matters in public. But in March, facing crises on multiple fronts, top officials convened a call for reporters to insist that Uber was changing its culture and would no longer tolerate "brilliant jerks." Notably, the company also announced that it would fix its troubled relationship with drivers, who have complained for years about falling pay and arbitrary treatment. And yet even as Uber talks up its determination to treat drivers more humanely, it is engaged in an extraordinary behind-the-scenes experiment in behavioral science to manipulate them in the service of its corporate growth. [ more]

Yahoo Faces SEC Probe Over Data Breaches

Aruna Viswanatha and Robert McMillan, The Wall Street Journal, January 23, 2017

U.S. authorities are investigating whether Yahoo Inc.'s two massive data breaches should have been reported sooner to investors, according to people familiar with the matter, in what could prove to be a major test in defining when a company is required to disclose a hack. [ more]

Volkswagen’s Road to Recovery Has Bigger Bumps Ahead

Stephen Wilmot, The Wall Street Journal, January 11, 2017

On the face of it, Tuesday was Volkswagen's red-letter day. The company stated record annual car deliveries and confirmed reports that it was very close to settling with U.S. legal authorities over the 2015 emissions scandal. But dieselgate isn't the company's biggest obstacle to recovery. Resurgent hopes make it a bad time to invest. Don’t be fooled by the latest headlines: Volkswagen’s recovery is likely to be a drawn-out affair at best. [ more]

Scoundrels in the C-Suite: How Should the Board Respond When a CEO’s Bad Behavior Makes the News?

David F. Larcker and Brian Tayan, "Closer Look," Stanford Business, May 10, 2016

The board of directors has a responsibility to investigate credible allegations that management has engaged in activity that is not in the interest of the company or its shareholders. In the case of illegal activity, the appropriate response is likely to be very clear. Less obvious are the actions directors should take when the CEO engages in behavior that is questionable but not illegal. This article examines the actions that boards take in response to CEO "bad behavior." [ more]

Notre Dame President Stands Firm Amid Shifts in College Athletics

Dan Barry, The New York Times, September 10, 2015

With the advent of another football season, the accusations of student-athlete exploitation continue to unnerve higher education — the growing demand that student-athletes share in the revenue they generate; the calls for N.C.A.A. reform; the push for unionization; academic fraud, sexual assaults, seamy cover-ups. It's that 1932 Marx Brothers movie about college football, "Horse Feathers," only without the laughs. Nowhere are these questions of morality and justice more pressing than at Notre Dame, an academic powerhouse with a football emphasis — or a football powerhouse with an academic emphasis. [ more]

US to hit Chinese hackers with sanctions

Demetri Sevastopulo, Financial Times, September 1, 2015

The White House is preparing sanctions on Chinese individuals and companies as it tries to pressure Beijing to stop its alleged cyber theft of commercial and economic information from US organisations. Three people familiar with the situation said the White House had created sanctions to tackle what President Barack Obama sees as a growing threat to US economic and security interests. [ more]

China and Russia are using hacked data to target U.S. spies, officials say

Brian Bennett and W.J. Hennigan, The New York Times, August 31, 2015

Foreign spy services, especially in China and Russia, are aggressively aggregating and cross-indexing hacked U.S. computer databases — including security clearance applications, airline records and medical insurance forms — to identify U.S. intelligence officers and agents, U.S. officials said. At least one clandestine network of American engineers and scientists who provide technical assistance to U.S. undercover operatives and agents overseas has been compromised as a result. [ more]

Tinder Completely Freaked Out On Twitter

Julia Greenberg, Wired, August 11, 2015

Tinder totally melted down on Twitter and it was hilarious. The company sent a flood of tweets aimed squarely at journalist Nancy Jo Sales insisting that the app is about so much more than hooking up. Tinder is all about meeting people and finding love. [ more]

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