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There is so much to read, so much to know, so many sources to follow. And the volume of news and information just keeps growing exponentially. How to keep up? Even more, how to rediscover the serendipity of learning something new and interesting for its own sake?

Here, for your enjoyment and interest, are the articles Temin and Company considers "must reads." They are primarily on the topics of reputation and crisis management, the media, leadership and strategy, perception and psychology, self-presentation, science, girls and women, organizational behavior and other articles of interest.

They are listed below with the most recent articles first, and to the side, by category.

We hope you enjoy them and would appreciate your comments. And whenever you have any favorite articles for us to add, please let us know so that we might include them for other readers to enjoy.

Malala Gives A Jaw-Dropping Speech To Accept Her Nobel Peace Prize

Pamela Engle, Business Insider, December 10, 2014

Malala Yousafzai, a 17-year-old Pakistani girl, gave an incredible speech as she accepted her Nobel Peace Prize in Oslo, Norway on Wednesday after becoming an icon of the fight for children's education rights. She just became the youngest Nobel Peace Prize laureate in history, and her speech shows her spectacular wisdom. [ more]

Why Elders Smile

David Brooks, The New York Times, December 4, 2014

When researchers ask people to assess their own well-being, people in their 20s rate themselves highly. Then there's a decline as people get sadder in middle age, bottoming out around age 50. But then happiness levels shoot up, so that old people are happier than young people. The people who rate themselves most highly are those ages 82 to 85. Psychologists who study this now famous U-Curve tend to point out that old people are happier because of changes in the brain. [ more]

U.S. Lawmakers Agree on $1.1 Trillion Spending Bill

Kristina Peterson, Michael R. Crittenden and Siobhan Hughes, The Wall Street Journal, December 9, 2014

House and Senate lawmakers reached an agreement Tuesday evening on a nearly $1.1 trillion bill to fund most of the government through September and avert a shutdown. [ more]

Profile Swapper Makes Logging Onto Different Web Accounts Easy

Tori Reid, LifeHacker, December 8, 2014

If you have multiple accounts for the same website, chances are there's a lot of logging out just to log back in. Installing Profile Swapper can help make the switch easier. [ more]

Will the Marginalized Ever Get Into the Mainstream Media?

Jessica Mayberry, The Huffington Post, December 8, 2014

Imagine if we in the mainstream could work collaboratively with people on the ground, thousands of them, telling stories together? If those who lived a story reported it, would it not make for a more complete narrative, a truly democratic news media? To this article's author it seemed like the start of a media revolution and she quit her cubicle to be part of it. [ more]

Mars Rover Finds Stronger Potential for Life

Marc Kaufman, The New York Times, December 8, 2014

John P. Grotzinger of Caltech, the project scientist for the mission to find environments where life might have started on Mars, reported at a news conference on Monday that the Curiosity rover's yearlong trek to Mount Sharp provided strong new evidence that Gale Crater had large lakes, rivers and deltas, on and off, for millions to tens of millions of years. [ more]

The Life of the Mind: Hannah Arendt on Thinking vs. Knowing and the Crucial Difference Between Truth and Meaning

Maria Popova, Brain Pickings, September 16, 2014

This article's author discusses Hannah Arendt, the first woman to speak at the prestigious Gifford Lectures, and her book "The Life of the Mind," an immeasurably stimulating exploration of thinking in which she draws "a distinguishing line between truth and meaning, between knowing and thinking," and makes a powerful case for the importance of that line in the human experience. [ more]

An Ebola Doctor’s Return From the Edge of Death

Denise Grady, The New York Times, December 7, 2014

In this article, Dr. Ian Crozier shares his story about his experience with contracting, fighting, and recovering from Ebola. He had a long, agonizing illness, with 40 days in the hospital and dark stretches when his doctors and his family feared he might sustain brain damage or die. He chose to speak out in order to draw attention to the continuing epidemic and to thank the hospital for the care he received. [ more]

The Last Southern Democrat

Molly Ball, The Atlantic, December 4, 2014

Mary Landrieu's imminent political demise raises questions about her party's future—both in the South and across the country. [ more]

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