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There is so much to read, so much to know, so many sources to follow. And the volume of news and information just keeps growing exponentially. How to keep up? Even more, how to rediscover the serendipity of learning something new and interesting for its own sake?

Here, for your enjoyment and interest, are the articles Temin and Company considers "must reads." They are primarily on the topics of reputation and crisis management, the media, leadership and strategy, perception and psychology, self-presentation, science, girls and women, organizational behavior and other articles of interest.

They are listed below with the most recent articles first, and to the side, by category.

We hope you enjoy them and would appreciate your comments. And whenever you have any favorite articles for us to add, please let us know so that we might include them for other readers to enjoy.

Sometimes You Win, Sometimes You Lose, and Sometimes It’s Meaningless

Andrew O'Connell, "The Daily Stat," HBR Blog Network, August 13, 2014

Coaches frequently make strategic changes in response to irrelevant factors, especially after a loss, no matter how narrow or meaningless, says a group of researchers led by Lars Lefgren of Brigham Young University. This behavior is due to the outcome bias, which leads people to view random negative outcomes as the result of poor choices. [ more]

Why You Shouldn’t Try to Win Over a Candidate During the Job Interview

Andrew O'Connell, "The Daily Stat," HBR Blog Network, August 12, 2014

The more a job interviewer tries to "sell" a candidate on working at the company, the less able he or she is to judge the candidate's worthiness. Firms would do better to separate the tasks of evaluating and winning over candidates and assign those roles to different people, researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology and London Business School say. [ more]

People Cheat More if a Task Is Harder than Expected

Andrew O'Connell, "The Daily Stat," HBR Blog Network, September 10, 2014

In a trivia-test experiment, people were more likely to break the rules by peeking at the answers if they had been misled to believe that the test was easy, says a team led by Celia Moore of London Business School. [ more]

Your Parents Were Right: Research Shows Importance of Saying Thank You

Gonzaga University, September 9, 2014

Saying thank you has been among the commonest of cultural civilities for centuries. Now new research, conducted by social psychologists Monica Bartlett at Gonzaga University and Lisa Williams at the University of New South Wales, Australia, offers the first evidence that expressions of gratitude go beyond mere etiquette and provide real social benefit. [ more]

With iPhone 6 and Smartwatch, Apple Is Back and Better Than Ever

Farhad Manjoo, The New York Times, September 9, 2014

Four times before in its history, at media events planned with military precision, Apple introduced a new invention that radically altered how the technology industry conceived of its future. The company hopes it did that again for a fifth time on Tuesday by unveiling the Apple Watch, a stylish smartwatch that is the company's first advance into a new product category since it created the iPad in 2010. [  more]

G.M.’s Board Is Seen as Slow in Reacting to Safety Crisis

Bill Vlasic, The New York Times, September 7, 2014

After General Motors emerged from bankruptcy and a government bailout five years ago, the board of directors of the "new G.M." was expected to keep a more watchful eye on a company that had gone seriously off track. But on the issue of vehicle safety, the board until recently took a mostly hands-off approach, rarely even discussing the topic beyond periodic reviews of product quality with company executives. [ more]

The Best Leaders Are Insatiable Learners

Bill Taylor, HBR Blog Network, September 5, 2014

In these head-spinning times, the challenge for leaders is not to out-hustle, out-muscle, or out-maneuver the competition. It is to out-think the competition in ways big and small, to develop a unique point of view about the future and get there before anyone else does. According to this article's author, the best leaders aren't just the boldest thinkers; they are the most insatiable learners. [ more]

PR Insider: 7 Types of Content Reporters Want in a Press Release

Serena Ehrlich, PR News, September 5, 2014

Each week, journalists and reporters receive hundreds, if not thousands, of news pitches and press releases. Of all the releases sent, only a handful receive editorial coverage. If your release doesn't, it may be because it doesn't contain content that reporters want. According to Business Wire's 2014 media survey, there are 7 types of content reporters are looking for in a press release. [ more]

6 Secrets Of Excellent Conversationalists

Jacqueline Whitmore, Business Insider, August 5, 2014

The solution to the age-old problem of understanding others may be as simple as taking the time to improve your active listening skills. This article shares six tips to help you become a better listener and actually hear what others are saying, not just what you think they are saying or what you want to hear. [ more]

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