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There is so much to read, so much to know, so many sources to follow. And the volume of news and information just keeps growing exponentially. How to keep up? Even more, how to rediscover the serendipity of learning something new and interesting for its own sake?

Here, for your enjoyment and interest, are the articles Temin and Company considers "must reads." They are primarily on the topics of reputation and crisis management, the media, leadership and strategy, perception and psychology, self-presentation, science, girls and women, organizational behavior and other articles of interest.

They are listed below with the most recent articles first, and to the side, by category.

We hope you enjoy them and would appreciate your comments. And whenever you have any favorite articles for us to add, please let us know so that we might include them for other readers to enjoy.

Has Uber Forced Taxi Drivers to Step Up Their Game?

Scott Wallsten, The Atlantic, July 9, 2015

While taxis used to face little competition for on-demand point-to-point transportation, today they find themselves in a cutthroat business. The number of taxi trips in New York City decreased by about 8 percent from 2012 to 2014, and one recent report found that Uber provides almost half of all paid rides in major U.S. markets. [ more]

Being a good journalist means learning how to keep a secret

Joel Simon, Columbia Journalism Review, July 20, 2015

THE ROLE OF JOURNALISTS is to make information public. The irony is that in order to do so, they need to keep lots of things secrets. They do that in all sorts of ways. Sometimes journalists promise anonymity in order to get officials to divulge what they're not supposed to reveal. Sometimes they cloak the exchange of sensitive documents. Sometimes they conceal the nature of their stories so that governments can't censor their work preemptively. [ more]

Brand News: Apple and Microsoft Ads, Starbucks, PayPal, FIFA and More

Shirley Brady, Brandchannel, July 20, 2015

This article shares the latest branding and marketing news - Microsoft introduces Windows 10 with "The Future Starts Now" ad campaign, Apple's latest US TV commercial touts iPhone's apps, Starbucks launches mobile ordering in the UK. [ more]

John McCain: Donald Trump owes POW families an apology

Tom LoBianco, CNN, July 20, 2015

In his first response directly addressing Donald Trump's comments on his war record, Sen. John McCain said Monday that the real estate mogul should not apologize to him, but should instead apologize to the veterans captured in war and their families. Trump disparaged McCain and other prisoners of war Saturday, in a rapid back-and-forth with Republican pollster Frank Luntz. [ more]

NASA's 'GoreSat' Mission Just Released Its First Image of Earth

Eric Roston, BloombergBusiness, July 20, 2015

NASA's 10-year, 3-billion-mile mission to Pluto electrified the world last week when it dispatched images of a tiny planet that's dynamic in ways even experts never anticipated. So while 3 billion miles is the current bar to ignite mission-mania in the public eye, a million-mile jaunt still isn't too shabby. [ more]

Windows 10 Signifies Microsoft’s Shift in Strategy

Nick Wingfield, The New York Times, July 19, 2015

Next week, when Microsoft releases Windows 10, the latest version of the company's operating system, the software will offer a mix of the familiar and new to the people who run earlier versions of it on more than 1.5 billion computers and other devices. There will be a virtual assistant in the software that keeps track of users' schedules, and Microsoft will regularly trickle out updates with new features to its users over the Internet. And the Start menu, a fixture of Windows for decades, will make a formal reappearance. But one of the biggest changes is the price. Microsoft will not charge customers to upgrade Windows on computers, a shift that shows how power dynamics in the tech industry have changed. [ more]

One of Google's self-driving cars has been involved in its first accident with an injury

Rob Price, Business Insider, July 17, 2015

People have been injured in a crash involving one of Google's self-driving cars for the first time, project head Chris Urmson wrote in a post on Medium on Thursday. One of the California tech company's vehicles was rear-ended at an intersection, causing minor whiplash for the three passengers inside. Like every other accident Google's cars have been involved in, this was the fault of the other driver. [ more]

Chase Includes News Feed as Draw to Revamped Site

Robert Barba, Bank Technology News, July 17, 2015

JPMorgan Chase is poised to launch a new home page for Chase Bank this weekend — and the design is decidedly not bank-like. While customers can still use it to sign in and manage their accounts, it is set to offer a surprising twist: news stories. [ more]

Philip Zimbardo Thinks We All Can Be Evil

Jon Ronson, The New York Times Magazine, July 16, 2015

An interview with Phil Zimbardo who conducted a psychological experiment at Stanford in 1971 that became the basis for the film "The Stanford Experiment" states that it conveys to the general public what this kind of experiment is like and explains that "[e]vil situations make most people evil" not all. [ more]

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