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A continuation from the Temin and Company home page of articles and events that feature Temin team members.

"Crisis of the Week: Tesla Slams the Brakes on Seat Belt Problem"

“At last someone is finally modeling what great customer care looks like in the new, hyper-connected era. Tesla's reaction to the seat belt connection problem found in one car in Europe could be called an overreaction by many. But what Tesla is really doing is setting a new–and much needed–standard for addressing product failures and recalls, especially in the automotive industry,” says Davia Temin. — The Wall Street Journal's Risk & Compliance Journal [...read more]

"Crisis of the Week: United Airlines Faces Turbulence Amid Federal Probe"

Based upon the statements and actions taken by United Continential Holdings Inc., the experts were asked to gauge how well they handled the crisis. "'By the book,' is how United Airlines said it conducted its investigation of former CEO Jeff Smisek, and by the book is how its board and new CEO have handled every communication regarding management changes. But there are times when 'by the book' is simply not enough to do the job, and this is one of them," says Davia Temin. — The Wall Street Journal's Risk and Compliance Journal [...read more]

"Communicating with Authority and Compassion in Crisis or Opportunity"

Davia appeared on Voice America's "Out of the Comfort Zone" on August 21st at 2:00 PM Eastern. The live broadcast was on the topic of "Communicating with Authority and Compassion in Crisis or Opportunity." [...read more]

"Crisis of the Week: Accounting Problems Hobble Toshiba"

The actions taken by Toshiba in the wake of the fallout of an accounting scandal that saw them overstate earnings by more than $1.2 billion over seven years escalated last week when they announced the resignation of Chief Executive and board Vice Chairman Hisao Tanaka and a reorganization of its board in which half the members are stepping down. "Not only must heads roll, and practices change, but it is time to turn corporate culture on its ear," says Davia Temin. — The Wall Street Journal's Risk and Compliance Journal [...read more]

"Most Companies Approach Crisis Management in ‘All the Wrong Ways’"

"I am going to ask you to throw away every rule of crisis management you have ever known, as we explore how cybercrime is rewriting the crisis management rule book," said Davia Temin in the opening of her keynote address at the Unintended Consequences: Impacts of the Internet of Things (IoT) & Big Data conference. — Infosecurity Magazine [...read more]

"Unintended Consequences: Impacts of IoT & Big Data"

Davia spoke at the Executive Women's Forum's "Unintended Consequences: Impacts of IoT & Big Data" event on June 22nd on Crisis Strategies. 69% of US executives worry that cyber threats will impact their companies’ growth. As the IoT and Big Data continue to multiply exponentially, crises stemming from cyber attacks will occur in almost every organization. Discover which crisis strategies should be a part of your organization’s "cyber defense arsenal" to help minimize "unintended consequences" and effect positive change for your company, brand and reputation. [...read more]

"Crisis of the Week: Kiss-and-Tell Fears After Adult Friend Finder Breach"

Experts were asked to weigh in on how well FriendFinder Networks has responded to the crisis, where its response has fallen short, and what the company can do at this point. “[T]he owners of the site have made every crisis management mistake in the book regarding cyber data breaches," says Davia Temin. — The Wall Street Journal's Risk and Compliance Journal [...read more]

"Women Can Learn as Much From Competent Women as Men"

Frontier Communications’ Wilderotter is helping women build their own old boys’ networks. “Groups that used to be a refuge” where women could commiserate about their isolation in male-dominated workplaces “have become a destination,” Davia Temin says. — BloombergBusiness [...read more]

"Kindness Amidst Conflict: Respect Across Diversity"

Davia Temin shares her speech on "Kindness Amidst Conflict," presented at the Girl Scouts of Greater New York's 2015 Gala, and states that "while we are calling for true diversity at every level of our society, if we do not accord respect to those who are different from us at the same time, we have a recipe for disaster." — Forbes Reputation Matters [...read more]

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