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"It takes 20 years to build a reputation and 5 minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you will do things differently."

— Warren Buffett


"Woman Compiling MeToo Names Says They’re the ‘Tip of the Iceberg’" 

"We're in MeToo 2.0," said Davia Temin. "We're getting more sophisticated in terms of making accusations and investigating accusations, and we understand the need to become more sophisticated in acting on the results." — Bloomberg

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4-8-19 Forbes Reputation Matters

"Great Crisis Management is Counter-Intuitive: That's Why Boeing, Wells Fargo Are Getting It So Wrong" 

It’s easy to be a Monday morning quarterback, especially for huge companies facing huge problems. But too many companies, like Wells Fargo and Boeing, are getting it all wrong time and time again. The stakes for their failure – doing the wrong things in crisis and not understanding why – are too high. And consumers, investors, partners, and stakeholders are suffering the consequences. — Forbes Reputation Matters

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"Is Wells Fargo stuck in the denial stage of recovery?" 

"Denial is one of the hardest issues for a company to address after a crisis," said Davia Temin. "It’s not over just because Wells is ready for it to be over." — American Banker

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"'A Tremendous Insult:' Boardroom Leaks Irk Directors" 

Most boardrooms, like a therapist's office or a confessional, are considered "sacrosanct," says Davia Temin. However, that confidentiality can break down in certain situations. In frustration, a director might turn to the press to put external pressure on the board to get directors to vote a certain way. Activist investors may feel an allegiance to their firm or other outside parties, or founders could disagree with other board members and leak information to try to sway investors to their side. Confidentiality can also break down in a crisis. — Agenda

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"Board of Managers Profile: Davia Temin on #MeToo, Business, and Finding Her Path" 

Board of Managers member Davia Temin discusses her influences, her life, her time at Swarthmore, leadership, corporate governance, #MeToo, and her philosophy. "I still maintain that to move along justice, equity, diversity and inclusion, great leadership, and culture change it still must, must be done with kindness and compassion." — The Phoenix

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"What Would Bezos Do?" 

What the founder of Amazon, and the richest man in the world, did was show us how the head of a public company could put it all on the line to stand up to bullies. "Courage comes first," he essentially told us, no matter what the personal or professional cost. And apparently his prestigious board agreed. — Directors & Boards

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"How To Bring Down A Bully Or Extortionist - Lessons From Jeff Bezos, Nancy Pelosi And More" 

Sometimes it takes the richest man in the world to bring down a bully; sometimes, the Speaker of the House. But this is what heroes are made of. Jeff Bezos and Nancy Pelosi...are charting a roadmap for how you can challenge a bully and win. So whether it’s the current president or his tabloid-publishing buddy, or your boss, co-worker, client or relative, here are some new ideas on how to publicly vanquish a bully. — Forbes Reputation Matters

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"Jeff Bezos Shows Us A Thing Or Two - 6 Ways To Face Down Crisis With Courage" 

Phoenix-like, Jeff Bezos has risen from the ashes of bad decisions to make a great one. He is showing us — individuals, CEOs, Board Members, and other leaders — how to stand up to bullying and extortion — when he has everything to lose by doing it. — Forbes Reputation Matters

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"Jeff Bezos: Extortion and Embarrassing Photos Won’t Distract Me" 

"Bezos is that extraordinary, and Amazon is that extraordinary, that he can bring down a bully," said Davia Temin. "He's got the courage, and the position as the richest man in the United States, and I think his courage in standing up to the extortion is going to outweigh the details behind the extortion." — Bloomberg

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"Amazon Execs Pool Stock in Revolt Against Board" 

"Boards and management are going to have to listen and adopt somewhat more transparency around operations and choices they have made that they never had to exhibit before," says Davia Temin. "That could be problematic on many levels, but these folks are not just taking assurances at face value. It's another stressor on governance and the corporate board." — Agenda

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"Fearing future #MeToo allegations, a growing number of companies are turning to reputation management firms" 

"Sexual harassment has not been one of our biggest areas of inquiry, up until now," says Davia Temin. But with the rise of the #MeToo movement, companies are finding themselves unprepared and facing huge legal liabilities. — CNBC's Make It

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"When the CEO Has To Go" 

"Every allegation puts a huge burden on the board to conduct a full, fair, independent investigation swiftly, and then take appropriate and fair action, depending upon the results" said Davia Temin. "But when the evidence shows that the CEO must be terminated, the pressure is extraordinary, plus all eyes — internally and externally — turn to the board, to judge how dispassionate and equitable they will be." — Directors & Boards

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"A Year of Reckoning for Davos Man (and One Woman) in the Alps" 

"At Davos they are both reflecting and setting the culture," said Davia Temin, whose crisis consultant company has tallied more than 1,000 people, mostly men, accused of harassment and other misdeeds in the last year. "They reflect the culture of leadership, and sometimes looking in the mirror helps to spur the discussion." — Bloomberg

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"The Right Way To Handle A CEO Scandal" 

"It used to be that a founding CEO could be excused all manner of misbehavior by his or her board, as long as it was kept quiet and the bottom line was not negatively impacted," said Davia Temin. "More recently, however, given the outsized attention to serious CEO misbehavior, boards really have little choice—they must react, and act, quickly and decisively." — Corporate Board Member

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"Business Ethics Through Movies: A Case Study Approach" 

"Mostly what organizations do in these kinds of moments is duck," says Davia Temin. "They do not come forward. They do not put their CEO forward. And they do not work out of the playbook of good crisis management, probably because they don't have anything good to say." — excerpted from The Washington Post

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"Moonves Pay Punishment Caps Year of CEO Naming and Shaming" 

Corporate boards have been quicker to take action in 2018, now often announcing a CEO's departure at the same time the misconduct was disclosed, said Davia Temin. "As corporate boards have seen that the MeToo movement isn't going to go away, they are beginning to realize through public pressure that misbehavior is not going to be allowed." — Bloomberg

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"The Facebook Mess: The Difference Between Commissioning And Acting On Opposition Research" 

"[B]eware of the advisors you hire in a firestorm. Some politically partisan ones...can lead you down the low road -- or they won't challenge your instincts when you want to explore the nether regions," said Davia Temin. "In an effort to understand the low road, Facebook may have taken it." — Forbes Reputation Matters

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"When Masters Of The Universe Fall - How Facebook Committed The 7 Deadly Sins Of Crisis Management" 

"Every industry and every generation feels invulnerable as long as everything is going their way. And the behemoth that Mark Zuckerberg built has led the pack. But when a fall from grace comes, as it has come for Facebook, it shakes the world." — Forbes Reputation Matters

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"Between Cosby and Kavanaugh -- 810 High-Profile Public Figures Accused of Sexual Harassment" 

"Every sector has been affected," says Davia Temin, "and leaders — CEOs and board directors – are looking for insight on why, why now, and how we can address the reputational risk of toxic workplace cultures." — PR Newswire

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"Leading in a 'MeToo' Era" 

In the era of #MeToo, less and less silence surrounds cases of sexual harassment. Davia Temin joins Wanda Wallace on "Out of the Comfort Zone" to discuss what companies and leaders need to know in order to prevent the problem in the first place as well as how to respond to accusations whether the case can be proven or not. — Voice America

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"How Should Men Accused of #MeToo Offenses Respond?" 

"What would have happened last year if—upon hearing of Harvey Weinstein's sexual harassment debacle and forced exit from the company he created—CBS CEO Les Moonves had decided to take a radically different path?" Davia Temin offers suggestions on how those accused of #metoo offenses, who know that they—and their organizations—are seriously at risk, might respond. — Forbes Reputation Matters.

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"Les Moonves Makes No. 700 On The #MeToo Index (And Jeff Fager Is 701)" 

"Just in case any of us thought that the #MeToo phenomenon was a flash in the pan, the ouster of CBS CEO Les Moonves and 60 Minutes Executive Producer Jeff Faber, the latest high-profile public figures to be felled as the movement continues, has proven otherwise." — Forbes Reputation Matters.

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"From Pot Podcasts to Taboo Tesla Tweets, Musk’s Antics Continue" 

"There have always been "force-of-nature" CEOs," says Davia Temin. "As a society, we tend to revere them, as much for their sins as for their sainthood. But, as directors, we are plunged into a conundrum. How much leeway do we give them, and when do we need to pull in the reigns?" — Directors & Boards.

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"Money managers get caught up in #MeToo movement" 

"Weinstein was the game changer," said Davia Temin. "Pension funds and other institutional investors aren't going to invest — or remain invested — with money managers with reputational issues. Negative publicity is a huge deterrent." — Pensions & Investments.

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"Moonves Resigns Amid Sexual Misconduct Allegations" 

"We are so much at the tip of this iceberg. There is so much underneath the surface at this point, that there is a long way to go. And I think boards know that, I think corporate boards know that. I think that's why they're so fixed on looking at culture now and toxic culture and all the other stuff because they know what the viability is." — Quest Means Business.

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"California to Mandate Gender Diversity in the Boardroom" 

"I do think there is a great pipeline for women directors – and a full pipeline for women directors that exist already," said Davia Temin. "So I think that should this law be on the books, they will find some great people to populate the director ranks." — CyberVista.

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"The need for sleep: Elon Musk and the perils of working around the clock" 

While founder-driven companies typically have a sense of urgency to succeed, there is a fine line between achieving those goals and fostering an "over-stressed mania," said Davia Temin — BNN Bloomberg.

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"Hundreds of Business Leaders Face Accusations in #MeToo Movement" 

A new reports finds the #MeToo movement over the last 18 months has opened the door to allegations against 417 high-profile employees and corporate executives. And while the rate of accusations has slowed recently, the percentage of individuals fired has increased. “I think it’s settled into a new plateau, but it is certainly higher than we’ve ever had before,” said Davia Temin. — NACD Weekend Reader.

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"BankThink How to save a bank's reputation" 

From #MeToo to lending to gunmakers, from compliance issues to cyberhacks, from questionable marketing practices to persistent gender inequality — political, economic, and social issues are all directly impacting bank operations and reputations like never before. In this article, Davia Temin shares five ways to assess your exposure. — American Banker.

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"Companies Caught Up in Trump’s ‘Zero Tolerance’ Immigration Policy See Big Risks" 

Actions matter rather than words in an issue fraught with such emotion, said Davia Temin. "Anyone associated with this government action is at risk of reputational damage, serious reputational damage."" — The Wall Street Journal.

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"Intel CEO Krzanich Resigns Over Relationship With Employee" 

The rise of the #MeToo movement has companies hewing closely to policies on both sexual harassment and consensual relationships, especially for business leaders, said Davia Temin. "There's a new level of rigor that says if something is on the books, it needs to be upheld and not ignored." — The Wall Street Journal.

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"Scrutiny of CEOs’ Personal Lives Rises in #MeToo Era" 

Corporate missteps can go viral fast, thanks to cellphone cameras, social media and apps and websites like Glassdoor and Blind where employees can anonymously share feedback. "It's much less easy to have secrets," said Davia Temin. "Organizations are more porous." — The Wall Street Journal.

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"Uber’s Founder/CEO Got Too Much Deference From the Board, Says Former A.G." 

"It used to be that the board might either tolerate bad behavior, or publicly support a CEO while privately chastising him relentlessly. Regardless, he or she would stay," said Davia Temin. "More recently, however, given the outsized attention to serious CEO misbehavior, boards really have little choice—they must react, and act, quickly and decisively." — Chief Executive.

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"Leadership in AI Space — Davia Temin & Bruce Molloy" 

Davia Temin and Bruce Molloy share insights into linear regression and neural nets in machine learning, near future predictions for AI growth, AI and the job market, tips for entrepreneurs, advantages for early adoption, and more. — The Accessible AI Podcast.

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"You Can Eradicate Sexual Harassment in Your Organization" 

Dean Rotbart invited back one of his most popular all-time guests, Davia Temin, to talk about a very hot button issue in America at the moment: Sexual harassment. — Monday Morning Radio

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"5/31/18: Ambien, Roseanne and company reputation" 

"At this moment, characterized by the public degradation of morals, decency and public discourse, more and more companies are becoming the adults in the room," says Davia Temin. "Starbucks, ABC, Sanofi and Merck are all doing the right things publicly — some after gaffes and some only in reaction to them." — Directors & Boards

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"Why You Should Serve on a Board Now" 

Women board members and executives are the best assurance against a "wink-wink, nod-nod" culture, as Davia Temin puts it. Boards also need women because "some of the smartest and most thoughtful governance is being done by companies that have more women on their boards." — Robb Report's Muse

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"How The Reputation Risk Of #MeToo Is Forcing Businesses To Reevaluate Their Corporate Culture" —

Real #MeToo incidents in the workplace aren't happening in a vacuum. Whether they are the most egregious examples of sexual harassment and abuse, or more subtle acts of unconscious bias, they all happen within a culture that somehow sanctions them. That is why the reputational risks of #MeToo, as well as escalating global calls for gender equity, are sparking a whole new examination of corporate and organizational culture. — Forbes Reputation Matters.

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"Elon Musk got bored — and shareholders took the hit" 

Elon Musk may have said what many frustrated chief executives dream of saying in response to financial analysts' wordy questions: You're boring. Your questions are dull. Next. But that doesn't mean they say it. Even if Musk is known for his unconventional approach, that doesn't mean he has to be that way in every circumstance, said Davia Temin. "If your personal brand is as an iconoclast, there’s a tendency to want to be seen as an iconoclast on everything, but that’s not what really works." — The Washington Post

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"America's Leadership Crisis: Davia Temin" 

This episode looks at how leaders can avoid the mistakes and embarrassment that could ruin their reputation, lead to their downfall and cause their employees and associates great harm. — How Do We Fix It?

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"Best Board Practices in Managing Reputational Risk" 

Davia Temin and Darcy Howe share best practices for boards who are more involved in managing reputational risk than ever before. — Risk & Compliance.

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"Institutional investors eye gun control" 

"All of a sudden on both issues we’ve reached a tipping point on sentiment, with what’s happened on social media showing that the public’s mood is changing," says Davia Temin. "So the real exposure here is for boards to understand the values of their customer base and their core audience, and have their own set of values to live up to. The people who think they can just rearrange the deckchairs on the Titanic are in denial as to how serious this public reevaluation of issues is." — IR Magazine.

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"Investor Focus Shifts to Gender Pay Equity" 

Boards should take a strong, diagnostic look at pay structures separately from other issues, says Davia Temin. The board needs to ask for information directly from management to better understand the magnitude of any equality, cultural or harassment issues regarding gender, including pay, and come up with a firm strategy to address them. — Agenda.

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"How boards and CEOs can prevent workplace sexual harassment" 

Davia Temin, president and CEO of Temin and Company, joined BNN to discuss how companies can fix and prevent sexual harassment in the workplace. — BNN.

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"A 15-Point Plan For Boards And CEOs To Eradicate Sexual Harassment In Their Organizations" 

As organizations wait for the next wave in the tsunami of sexual abuse charges that is rocking American business, board directors and C-suite executives are not only fixated on understanding their risk exposure, but on what they can do to get ahead of the issue. In this article, Davia Temin shares an actionable, easy-to-execute 15-point game plan for boards and executives. — Forbes Reputation Matters.

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"Managing Crisis in an Era of Disruption" 

Crisis Strategist Davia Temin discussed topics ranging from global politics and instability, to corporate board and C-suite priorities and intrigue, to the crises faced by our nation's top colleges and universities and answered questions about how to lead with integrity and efficacy through whatever crisis comes your way. — Business for America.

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"How Boards Should Handle a CEO Scandal" 

"It used to be that a founding CEO could be excused all manner of misbehavior by his or her board, as long as it was kept quiet and the bottom line was not negatively impacted," says Davia Temin. "More recently, however, given the outsized attention to serious CEO misbehavior, boards really have little choice—they must react, and act, quickly and decisively." — Chief Executive.

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"2017 Women of Power & Influence Awards" 

Davia Temin was recognized by the National Organization of Women (NOW) at NOW-NYC's "Women of Power & Influence Awards" annual gala on June 13, 2017. The event honors exemplary women who have boldly forged their way to the top of their industries, breaking barriers along the way, and earning the title of pioneer and role model.

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"Trust Across America Announces 2017 Top Thought Leaders and Lifetime Achievement Honorees" 

Davia Temin has been honored with Trust Across America-Trust Around the World's Lifetime Achievement Award and for the fifth consecutive year has been named one of 2017's "Top Thought Leaders in Trust." 

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"10 Leadership Blind Spots That Can Trigger Business Crises In 2017" 

"When you look closely at what triggers crises in organizations, you often see that there is a major leadership oversight or blind spot that has allowed the crisis to exist in the first place – and then grow, unrecognized, until it’s too late," says Davia Temin. "As businesses look toward the coming year, here is a deeper dive into common crisis triggers, so that management teams and boards can recognize hidden risks and danger zones within their organizations." — Forbes Reputation Matters.

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"The Morning Risk Report: A Crisis Plan Only Takes You So Far" 

Every organization needs a crisis-response plan, but those plans won’t address every situation "You need a crisis plan, but it would be a huge mistake to think you will follow it," says Davia Temin. — The Wall Street Journal's Risk & Compliance Journal.

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"You Have 15 Minutes To Respond To A Crisis: A Checklist of Do's And Don'ts" 

"When a crisis hits, how you respond in the first 15 minutes can make or break your organization – and your reputation." Read Davia Temin's list for leaders of “Do’s” and “Don’ts” in the first 15 minutes of any crisis. — Forbes Reputation Matters.

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"The Role Of Boards In Crisis: 10 Steps For Directors Before, During And After Crisis" 

"We see it every day in our headlines: as crisis has become a new global norm, the board’s responsibility in crisis is changing rapidly.” — Forbes Reputation Matters.

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TandC Resource List Cover

"Resource List for Corporate and Personal Branding on Social Media" 

Download a copy of our Resource List, HERE.

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"Rebuilding Trust in the Financial Markets"

This chapter by Davia Temin in Trust Inc.: Strategies for Building Your Company's Most Valuable Asset contains a prescription for how to rebuild trust in the financial markets, even after five years.

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America's Leadership Crisis — How Do We Fix It?

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You Can Eradicate Sexual Harassment in Your Organization — Monday Morning Radio

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Leading in a 'MeToo' Era — Voice America

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How do you push back against #sexualharassment in today's world? — The Psychiatry Show, Doctor Radio

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Leadership in AI Space — The Accessible AI Podcast

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Communicating with Authority and Compassion in Crisis or Opportunity — Voice America's "Out of the Comfort Zone."

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Forging Thought Leadership into a Titanium-Strong Marketing Tool — Monday Morning Radio.

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10 Tips to Manage Crisis — WCBS.

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How CEOs and Boards Should Handle Crisis - WCBS.

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Keynote on the Intersection of Business and Journalism - Columbia's First Amendment Breakfast.

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